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Monday, May 21, 2012

Black with white

My all-time favourite combination  is black and white .(I have a closetful of clothes which attest to this ) .Recently when talking to a friend ,I was trying to impress upon her that a pictue can look very dramatic done in just black and white (Though mine does have red too) and need not  have too many colours thrown in.
I  thought I would upload these pictures just to emphasize  my point .They were done a while ago ,but I have remade two of the pictures since ,on request .The first set are all with a very dear friend.
The red roses in all of  the pictures have been made using the 1/16th paper (1.5 mm ) .Even though the 1/16th papers are tough to work with ,I enjoy working with them and love the delicate look they lend to a picture.

 I cannot post these pictures and not mention Ty Wilson.I discovered his work quite by accident and fell in love instantly .I like the neat clean lines depicted in his pictures and they look beautiful quilled.Can't wait to work on another set of his pictures....