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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Libester Award

First, I want to  thank an  amazing Blogger -  Quilling artist Lekha This is the first award  that I'm receiving and I am absolutely thrilled .I am so glad she thought of me . It makes me so happy....Once again thank u so much dear Lekha.
The 'Liebster Blog Award' is a badge of approval presented to favourite blogs with under 200 followers... Liebster meaning beloved/dearest...So... with great pride I will display the 'Liebster' badge on my blog...

The rules :

1. Show thanks to the bloggers who awarded you by linking back to their blogs.
2.  Post your 5 blogs and let them know by leaving a comment on their blogs.
3.  Post the award on your blog !

It was tough to pick just five for the award  ..Well here goes ,they are all amazing artists


  1. Thank You for recognising my quilling Nandini. I am really honored.I'm a bit confused, I'm not sure who are the bloggers who awarded me this.
    When you say link do you want me to follow you or put your url under links??
    Point 2, yousay post your 5 blogs... do you want me to put the URL of the four others on my blog??
    Obloged if you could clarify.

  2. Hi Chris, you're most welcome. I awarded this to you and you have to put the url of my blog in your post in order to acknowledge the award. Also, you have to post the urls of 5 blogs that you admire and which have less than 200 followers. Hope this answers your questions.
    Cheers! xx

  3. Thanks a lot nandini for appreciating my work and giving me an award.Will come back and collect soon.